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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  September 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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erin: now on "daybreak," a murder victim's sexual record shall remain private. what it means. >> i'm here in hoboken. >> the upcoming weather leads to bitter medicine. how much rain and how much of the weekend is soggy? erin: the latest plot to steal your identity. people here in new hampshire are being targeted. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9
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erin: good morning, new hampshire. i'm erin fehlau. we're about ready to head into the weekend. what does the weather hold us? we turn things over to chris. >> it was nice. i was just taking my early morning 5:00 a.m. drive. kevin asked to take the day off. sure, i'll stop by. usually when i say it is going to rain out, people say don't be a debbie downer for moisture. the timing is lousy. let's look at the temperatures. we're cool in the north country. the skies are clear there in berlin. we're near 50 in southern new hampshire. a patchwork of clouds. we have more rain off to the south. there's more where that came from. it appears like it is going to be more rain than dry for the upcoming weekend, including today. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. now for a look at the
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joined by my long-time friend, 95.7 wzid deb davidson. good morning, deb. how are you? deb: i'm going great, chris. what a great surprise and way to start friday morning. we're seeing some delays as you make your way into the durham area. we have a crash where both sides of the road is closed. that's because emergency vehicles are on the scene and detours are in place. 101 is slow right now i northbound. that continues on to 93 northbound. that's due to some line paving and lane closures. the everett turnpike we have a pocket of heavy volume. in massachusetts, all major roads are up to speed at this check. this report is brought to you by autofair. from the wzid traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. the new hampshire supreme court is
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that a sexual history of a murder victim will remain sealed. yesterday's decision overturns a prior ruling. ray brewer is live outside of the court to explain the ruling. good morning, ray. ray: good morning. victim's rights advocates are hailing this ruling, saying it will help protect future victims of sexual assault. now the state supreme court in its ruling says that lizzi marriott's sexual history will re student killed in 2012. attorneys for seth mazzaglia wanted to use that history as part of his appeal. the attorney general's office state leaders, victim families, all objected to the release of the documents saying the state's rape shield law protects victims from having their sexual histories made public. >> we believe it was the right thing for the new
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protect the victim's rights. >> advocacy groups were waiting to see what decision would come down from the supreme court in new hampshire. ray: a spokesman for attorney general's office says they would have no comment. no word if there's any reaction from seth mazzaglia's attorneys. live outside of the supreme court, ray brewer. erin: new on "daybreak," t hiker yesterday. a man from florida suffered serious head and neck injuries when he fell on the falling waters trail yesterday afternoon. other hikers helped stabilize him. the national guard used a helicopter to lift him and took him to dartmouth hitchcock medical center. they are trying to
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person and injured more than 100 others. part of the station is still closed. abc's stephanie ramos is in hoboken this morning. >> all right. we have a tree that's into the train station at the hoboken terminal. reporter: the ntsb is investigating the deadly train crash as one of the busiest commuter hubs. >> people were running every way. >> it was mass through the station, leaving debris everywhere and passengers stunned >> are you okay? reporter: in the images, you can see passengers scrambling off of the mangled three. car train moments after the crash. >> we ran over. there were a lot of people kicking out windows. reporter: many of the injured were on the platform, including the 34-year-old fabiola bittar who lost her life
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debris. the driver is said to be cooperating. >> the ntsb will analyze the fats, determine the probable cause, and issue a report of those determinations. reporter: surveillance video shows the train heading south from hoboken. shortly before 9:00 a.m., the train inching closer and never slows down. >> right through the air and shoveled about another 40 feet. and a train flying into the >> we heard a kaboom and the whole place shook. reporter: investigators will be here for another week trying to figure out why the train slid into the station like it did. they hope to recover the black box. erin: a woman convicted for her role in trying to rob a 65-year-old woman in manchester will spend the next years behind bars. amanda gurley is one of four people charge in
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one of her attackers back in january. powers says she no longer feels safe, but she would do the same thing again if faced with the situation. >> without question, you are a threat and a danger to the general public and especially seniors like me who you see as easy targets. >> i'm not a monster. i'm a mother. i just want to get my daughter home. i want to get back to work. to life. reporter: give resays she has battled addiction and her life spiraled out of control after her mother daughter. the suspect is still awaiting trial. 21-year-old charles washington is charged with burglary and receiving stolen property. over the last several weeks, they have received reports of men going to homes and asking for mail that was delivered with someone
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woman was on the phone with officers when they say that washington barged into her home and grabbed the mail. police think he's part of the larger group that's taking personal information and using it to get credit cards under other people's names. still ahead on "news 9 daybreak," the focus of the presidential campaign remains on new hampshire. what republican donald trump focused on during a rally in bedford. >> so many men real slap to the face if i gave up myself. erin: a veteran who nearly lost his life is now on a mission to inspire others. his story is incredible. there's an important warning about a new version of fentanyl
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chris: welcome back.
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a drizzling cloudy day with well needed rain. how much of your weekend is affected with your forecast in just a few minutes. erin: the elections are just over a month away. kelly ayotte and maggie hassan with face off for the first debate today. this morning's debate starts at 9:00 and is the first of six scheduled debates. recent polls show ayotte and hassan locked in a dead heat. about turned out to hear donald trump speak in bedford yesterday. in a 101 interview, trump sounded off against political ads, targeting his treatment toward women and denied any wrongdoing in regards to accusations that he violated the embargo with cuba in the late 1990's. he started his rally by talking about the drug crisis. >> the beautiful place. the biggest problem they have the drugs and the heroin coming in.
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people of new hampshire if i win we're going to stop it. erin: hillary clinton who was here on wednesday was in another battleground state yesterday. she made a total of ten stops in iowa where early voting kicked off before heading to illinois. her campaign is hoping to follow president obama's strategy of getting people in battleground states to cast their ballots before november. if you are looking for inspiration or motivation this morning, listen up. retire sergeant travis mills spoke to a crowd at newmarket high school. this maine man was serving his third tour of duty in afghanistan back in 2012 when he stepped on an i.e.d. and lost his arms and legs. mills is one of five quadruple amputees. he says he's determined to live his life to the fullest. >> there's two options that you have. you can sit here and mope about it or get up
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moving forward. i wasn't going to sit there. my daughter was six months old. i was still going to be her dad. my wife said she wasn't going to leave me. there's no reason why i should let this get me down. erin: mills has written a book about his journey as an amputee and founded a non-profit to help wounded veteran and their families. to learn more about him and the efforts go to the web site. certainly it is now 5:13. coming up, a ferrari for practical, everyday use. we're going to check out the newest luxury sports car. plus how many people u. p.s. is loo
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read our plan to create good jobs and keep young families in new hampshire. first, we should cut inefficient state spending, just like a business. no sales tax, no income tax. we need to help small businesses and startups grow with less red tape. lower college costs and cut student debt. and expand clean energy. let's take the next step forward, and keep our young families here. n my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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football games. this year's campaign has collected more than 3,200 pounds of food with a dozen games to go. the drought is taking a serious toll on parts of new hampshire. state environmental officials want to find out just how bad the financial impact is. the state is asking anyone who has or is facing water supply issues to fill out an online survey about the financial challenges you are facing. you can find the will the it is unlikely the drought conditions will end before the winter. it may seem hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. u.p.s. is getting ready. the shipping giant hopes to hire more than 700 workers this holiday season. around the country u.p.s. plans to hire 95,000 seasonal employees. if you feel the need for speed, ferrari has a couple of new options.
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the convertible version of the l.a. ferrari hybrid extreme sports car. the car features a v12 hybrid engine with an output of 750 horsepower. while that model is sold out, ferrari announced what it says is an everyday car for practical use. it has a turbo charged v8, can do zero to 60234 under 3.5 cost $250,000. quite a price tag. there's still time to sign up for the rail trail rally. wmur is one of the sponsors of the fundraiser, which includes a 1.5 mile run/walk, 5k run, and 20 mile bicycle race along the northern rail trail. there's also a four and a half mile family bike ride all to benefit
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that we have in the state, yeah. so good to have you here. chris: yeah. i love coming back here. i get to see all of my long-time friends. it has been a long time since i've done tv. hopefully i haven't forgotten it. we are talking about the rain. hopefully not to affect the event we have going on throughout the state. we need the moisture. the timing is lousy. temperatures in the 40's, except up north, we're 35 in berlin. it is normally colder in the reason it is much colder, we have clear skies. the warmest temperatures are going to be today. patchwork of clouds. off to the south you can see some blossoming rain. one batch here. most of that misses new hampshire and moves into maine. you see back here off to the west, i used to call this the pin wheel of misfortune. my goodness, we need the rain. it is going to sit and spin through sunday into monday before eventually lifting out of here and
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rain. the heaviest of which comes in overnight tonight, but also scattered throughout the weekend. by the way, down in the tropics, we have a category two hurricane. it is matthew. it is going to come around between jamaica and moving into cuba as we round out the weekend. it is going to be dangerously positioned off of the coastline and through the bahamas through florida. it should be near new hampshire or at least parts of new hampsh to sea. sunniest weather today north. drizzle south and steady rain comes in late in the day. temperatures are going to be mildest to the north and west. you'll be in the low to mid 60's there. you are not going to crack 60 south and east of manchester, rochester to the coast including the lower merrimack river valley. we'll be in the upper 50's. with the rain around the evening commute. the heaviest will stay off to the south.
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downpours. it will be windy too. kind of a weird combination of raw and humid, because our temperatures don't drop. we're in the 40's and lower 50's. except up north where the rain will arrive the latest. it is going to be a rainy night. we could see one to two inches of rain in the downpours. we need it in the areas where we need it the most in south and eastern new hampshire. tomorrow -- bleh. it is going to be a cloudy day. temperatures will be in the 50's. there will be some leftover shower in the activity. how about the next five days? well, tomorrow is not exactly your chamber of commerce banner day in new hampshire. we need the rain. we get some breaks of sunshine comes in for later on sunday. most of those up north, temperatures in the 60's. how about we expand that into the seven days. okay, now it is not the weekend. man does the middle to tail end of the week as long as matthew stays away, looks fabulous. we're going to be in the mid to upper 60's to
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erin: we do. we do. but it is not looking bad for today. chris: not too bad. north of concord, you should be okay. erin: all right. chris, thank you. we want to check in on the top stories with ray brewer. ray: victim's rights advocates are hailing a decision by the state supreme court reversing an earlier decision. the state supreme court deciding that lizzi marriott's sexual history w private. attorneys for her killed wanted to use the sexual history as part of the appeal. the attorney general's office all said the state's rape shield law protects victims and the supreme court has agreed. erin: the national guard helped rescue an injured hiker in franion ya. a man from florida suffered serious head and neck injury whens he fell on the falls waters trails yesterday afternoon. police in merrimack say
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people's identities and open credit cards. thieves are showing up at homes to get mail addressed to someone else. coming up on "daybreak," taking down the pros, how a heckler at the hider cup managed to get praise from the golfers praise from the golfers on the course. during vietnam i served on an aircraft carrier in the gulf of tonkin. after i lost my job, i slept out here with other vets. annie kuster is working hard to get veterans off the streets with affordable housing. and she's helped connect vets with jobs so they can get back on track. that means a lot to me. and i want to say, "thank you, annie."
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there's a reason cnbc named new hampshire the most business friendly state in the nation: maggie hassan's approach to innovation and business development. controlling spending. s in education. and hassan's balanced budget was a bi-partisan "compromise" the telegraph said "worked." cutting taxes for small businesses. targeting millions to fight the opioid crisis. all with no income or sales tax. working across party lines is how maggie hassan makes new hampshire work for us. i'm maggie hassan
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erin: if you are going to health care the professional athlete, you better will able to back it up. back up the talk. a fan started making fun of rory mcilroy after several members of team europe missed the same putt. chris: justin rose placed $100 and challenged the fan. the fan drained it on
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away with the crash and bragging rights. erin: we have to see the video. where is it? where is it? there it goes. chris: yes. golf clap. very good. erin: look at that. he's going to take the $100 and frame it. good for him. chris: i would. erin: find out how to get the chance to hang out with tom brady, matt damon, and b plus what the giant pumpkin tipped the
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms.
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erin: the supreme court decided to uphold the rape shield law. first responders are being warned as a new version of fentanyl that can be deadly if it is inhaled or absorbed through the skin. and a man convicted of attempted murder of a store clerk in manchester has been sentenced to at least 25 years in prison. we were talking this morning, we used to do the show together 11 years ago. chris: 11 years ago today was the last time -- going back further than that, you were my
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maine. erin: i know. chris: we started as production assistants. erin: enough about that. chris: yeah. i could talk more hours. it is cloudy out there. we look at the clouds. it is a patch work of clouds. there are some rain showers up in the south. some of the rain showers are going to affect our weather as we work into the afternoon. most of the first batch is staying out to sea. we've got a mess load here off to the it will be affecting our weather with well needed downpours. for today if you are north of the lakes region, you are partly to mostly sunny. drizzle south in the 50's. steady rain comes in late in the day. shouldn't affect the morning commute weather-wise, but -- erin: yes? chris: oh, i was thinking -- i don't know where i was -- i haven't done tv in a while. you'll have to forgive me. erin: we'll stay tuned for the
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here's a live look at i-93. chris: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by deb davidson. deb, going down memory lane, you and i at lyndon state college back in the -- a little while ago. it is a reunion for all of us. deb: it is. what a great reunion it is. it is a great surprise this morning. we still have police on the scene of the crash in durham. it is closed in that's because the emergency vehicles are getting the crash cleared out of the way. it is closed in the area of route 108. just be aware of some detours through the stretch. 93 south is moving well. 93 is also a good ride along the seacoast. now heading into massachusetts, no major problems on any of the roadways just south of the state line. this report is brought to you by autofare. from the wzid traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: all right. thank you.
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shield law. that means that the sexual history of murdered u.n.h. student, lizzi marriott, will remain sealed as her killer, seth mazzaglia, starts his appeal. how will this impact future cases as well? ray: a legal analyst said that honoring the rape shield law will protect future victims of sexual assault and victim's rights groups are hailing t breaking. the state's highest court ruled to keep the sexual history of murder victim lizzi marriott private, reversing its earlier decision that would have unsealed documents to be used in her killer's appeal. >> we believe it was the right thing for the new hampshire supreme court to stay in line with the other 49 states and protect the victim's rights. ray: marriott was murdered in 2012. her killer, convicted of
5:34 am
that information about marriott's past be released for the appeal. but her family, the attorney general's office, state leaders, and victims groups argued that the state's rape shield law is designed to protect victims from having to reveal their sexual histories. >> advocacy groups, not just in new hampshire but all across the country. we're waiting to see the decision. i think that's why there was such outcry around the nation. it would have set back victim's rights and really set a precedent that would terrify victims from coming forward. ray: the attorney general's office said it had no comment. nothing from seth mazzaglia's attorneys. erin: state officials are issuing a warning to first responders about a new deadlier version of fentanyl.
5:35 am
the powder is fine that it can become airborne or dissolved as a nasal pray. they are sending a bulletin warning it can be deadly if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. >> it was concerning to me that it has changed in form in some respects, and that it is also affecting our could affect our first responders. to me, that was the more concerning part. erin: so far this new form of fentanyl has not been found in new hampshire. first responders we spok does. a man is facing charges this morning following a drug bust in thornton. they found a substantial amount of heroin, meth, and cash during a search of a residence. the man living there, was arrested. he's due in court next week. the man who was caught on surveillance beating a manchester store clerk with a baseball bat has been sentenced to more than two decades behind bars.
5:36 am
sexual charges in connection with the february attack, including attempted murder. prosecutors say that he went to rob the store, but he ended up beating the clerk so badly the victim nearly lost his life. >> this was one of the most significantly violent offenses that i have ever seen. it was repeated. it was -- i believe the state's theory was correct. you didn't enter that store with the intend to murder him. the evidence clearly established that your erin: prosecutors asked that he be sentenced to 30 years to life in prison. the judge sentenced him to a minimum of 25 years. new on "daybreak," the division of liquor enforcement is asking for your help in identifying a man suspected of stealing booze. authorities say this man walked into the liquor store on bicentennial drive and put two
5:37 am
$120 in his shorts. and police are trying to track down the woman that pried open an honor book. it was taken about 820 monday night. they say this kind of theft seems to be happening every week. the merrimack county sheriff's department is issues a warning about a phone scam in which the caller is posing as one of its officers. authorities say the caller introduces himself as lute, frank rodgers, or an officer. he claims there's a pay bail, but not at the sheriff's office. if you get a call like this, authorities say you should ask for a docket number and the court in question. you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, a number of events are taking place across the state. the second annual white mountains jeep invasion will be held tomorrow at attitash mountain resort in bartlett. plenty of jeeps will be on display. a convoy will head up
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to ability plus adaptive sports. the salvation army is holding the seventh annual chili-chowder cook off. tickets are $5 each. sherman farm is offering a special deal to first responders tomorrow and on sunday. they will get to walk through the corn maze for free. and the $140 deerfield fair runs through sunday. tickets for $10. kids under 12 are free. a cat in waterville valley has become a celebrity. find out why. and a troubling situation for a man in detroit. how he ended up hanging upsidedown for 13 hours. chris: the timing isn't great. we need the rain. when it arrives and if
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she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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chris: welcome back, folks. we're taking a live look at concord where it is dry, it is cloudy, and some rain it on the way. it might affect part of your weekend too. we'll have that part of your forecast along with a look at future cast coming your way in just
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erin: all right. chris, thank you. a funeral was held for former israeli prime minister peres. president obama spoke and awarded shimon peres the presidential medal of freedom in 2012. president clinton spoke at the service earlier on in the morning. peres shared a noble peace prize for helping negotiate a historic peace agreement with the process has collapsed. authorities have named the engineer in the deadly rush hour train crash. passengers say the train failed to slow down and went airborne through a passenger concourse, killing one person and injuries more than 100 others. cnn's reid binion has the latest. >> as i said, the engineer was released from the hospital. >> new jersey governor referencing the engineer in the deadly train crash.
5:43 am
>> the engineer, identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher, an agree for 29 years. the train was packed with passengers and traveling too fast when it slammed into hoboken terminal. >> we were jolted out of her seats. reporter: the crash killed a woman waiting on the platform and injuring others. images on social media showing what looks like a partial roof collapse. officials inspect the braking system and determine how fast it was going. >> we are going to pull the recorder from the locomotive. there's a recorder in the cab car. we'll be getting that as soon as we can access that. >> neighbors of the engineer and concern for the engineer and his family. >> when i heard it or saw you come up and heard that was the case, i could not believe it. it is just trial tragic.
5:44 am
what they are going to be going through. ray: reid binion. erin: a fire has destroyed eight homes and sent one firefighter to the hospital. they are not saying how the firefighter was injured or what his condition is now. the blaze is scored about -- scorched rather about six and a half square miles and is only 34% contained. many people have been evacuated as the flames continue to threaten hundreds of structures. big e in massachusetts left several people stranded. they had to be rescued from a carnival ride called the wipeout after it suddenly stalled. it took two hours to get everyone safely off of the ride. no word yet on what caused the malfunction. a detroit man is recovering for morning after he was found hanging upsidedown in the basement of his home. the man's head was injury inches away from flood water that was filling up the basement. police say he was trying to break into his own
5:45 am
keys, but his foot got stuck on the window. he was hanging there for 13 hours before a neighbor finally found him and called for help. turning now to sports, for the final time in 2016, the red sox faced off against the yankees in new york last night. before the game, the yankees gave david ortiz an oil painting of himself standing at home plate as well as a book of letters from current and former yankees. in the fourth solo homer. his 21st of the year to tie the game at 1-1. then came the final at bat for david ortiz at yankee stadium. he walked and was taken out of the game. the yankees went on to win this one 5-1. dustin pedroia, hanley ramirez, and mookie betteds all had the night off. and check out this tribute to big papi. this image of the sox
5:46 am
park. the portrait of the champ depicts him and his significant pose when he crosses home plate. tonight is one of the largest fundraise efforts for the year for elliot hospital. the elliot health system gala takes place at the manchester country club. items up for auction include a david ortiz helmet and tom brady jersey. our story mentioned another hospital, we want to make it clear that all of the money raised tonight it benefit elliot hospital's cancer care and pediatric departments. ben affleck or matt damon. that's the choice that tom brady has to make. it gives you a chance to hang out with all three. one lucky person will get to have a pizza and beer night with matt, ben, and tom. the announcement came with a special twist,
5:47 am
mention how we shouldn't stare at tom's chin. >> i did that once. >> it was weird. people didn't understand. it is a chin. it is a man's chin -- it has -- not unlike my chin really in some ways. >> if your chin was anything like tom's, that "batman" movie would have made $4 billion. erin: he does not lie. tom brady has promised to reveal who he likes best, matt or ben. the fundraiser wil organizations that each one of these guys has chosen. a $10 donation will put your name in the running. you are going to find a link on the web site at how about that? i'm putting my name in the hat. a cat in waterville valley is gaining international attention.
5:48 am
the hefty kitty started getting famous after a guest posted video of him online. now the video has gone viral. that's one fat cat. chris:my cat is getting heavy. he's still half of that. i got to put mueller on a diet. he's still moving around. erin: he's a cutie. chris: he will get damp. we could use it. cats and people the bad drought across southern parts of new hampshire. that's where we're going to see most of the rain. the bulk of it comes in overnight to want and early tomorrow morning. i don't think it is going to affect the evening commute. keep in mind it is coming in from the south along with the wave of track that comes in from the south on friday afternoon and evening. temperatures starting off in the 40's. the morning commute shouldn't be hampered too badly by weather. 34 in the north country. skies are clear. that's where the clouds are the latest.
5:49 am
warmest today. patchwork of clouds. not much going on. a little bit of drizzle. a more organized area of rain. if you keep an eye on where it is moving, it is going to at most skim the seacoast. it should stay out to sea or hit main. we have some weather. it is going to spiral like this. this is going to constantly send wave after wave of rain coming in toward new hampshire. in fact, let's look at that on future cast. the clouds move in. the thick across southern new hampshire. you can see the steady rain indicated by the green here. as of 3:00, that's still south of the mass turnpike. it does slowly move to the north. by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight, we are seeing the waves of rain. it is not going to be raining every minute. when it comes down, it could really come down. we could see one to two inches of well-needed rain in southern new hampshire by even let's say 9:00 tomorrow morning. that's good news.
5:50 am
steady rain late in the day in southernmost new hampshire. because of that and a stiff northeastly wind, the temperatures are not going to crack 60 south and east of manchester and south of rochester as i see it. for overnight tonight, rain, drizzle, downpours, and windy. coolest weather off to the north as it might expect it. because of the blanket of cloud cover, the temperatures will be in the 50's south. tomorrow to kick off the not so hot. lower 60's up to the north. we have the rain in the morning tapering off in the afternoon with temperatures only in the 50's. to round off the weekend on sunday, a little better. a little better. in fact, if you are in the north country, you are going to get -- break out to sunshine first. your temperatures will be in the 60's. still going to hang on to the upper 50's to near 60 with the clouds clearing late in the day. the sunsets so early now. it might be set before we clear out.
5:51 am
into early tomorrow morning. we get some breaks of sun off to the north on sunday. then the weather turns very, very nice. we're going to be in the mid 60's by monday. a few mountain showers. coastal clouds cooler. we could be pushing near 70. but we're doing to have to keep a close eye. hurricane matthew could be around the east coast by that time. i think it is going to stay out to sea. it bears watching. erin: we'll sta a giant gourd is breaking state regards. it is a 2,066 pound pumpkin. it beat the competition last night. you may recognize the grower, steve gids of boscawen. his current pumpkin falls 250 pounds short of the records. a record for the state.
5:52 am
that thing was huge. erin: the frowning feline known as grumpy cat is about to hit the stage. we'll tell you about the broadway musical the pet is set to appear in. time for your u local hot shot photo of the morning. check out this scene. the blue sky peeking through the clouds in
5:55 am
erin: the famous feline known as grumpy cats is going to broadway. he will join "cats." he will be worked into the end of the performance. he's become an online sensation for the notorious frown. going to broadway now. chris: you know, i wonder if it will be a part of memory. you see the cat sit there.
5:56 am
erin: we'll see; right? all right. from cats to chickens, the chicken in west virginia is becoming a star. >> that's because the bird thinks it is a dog. >> do you want to go outside with the chicken friends? no. no. i'm a house chicken. >> of course, it is a house chicken. the house chicken rules the roost. her owners says she takes the bird all over the place. he has been camping, fishing, and on a motole riding in the truck. she often takes the chicken with her to where else? the feed store. erin: interesting. that's a weird looking chicken. chris: it is a chicken poodle. [laughter] erin: coming up, a soldier who lost his arms and legs in the war in afghanistan pays a visit to students in new hampshire. you'll hear his inspirational message. ray: the state supreme court reverses itself.
5:57 am
advocates applauding. the story on the way. erin: ferrari is unveiling a new ride to satisfy the need for speed. how fast the souped up car can go. and attention beer drinkers, find out which craft brewery is the best in the granite
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my prescription costs keep going up. it would be a lot cheaper to buy my medication from canada. kelly ayotte voted to block consumers from buying safe medicines from canada. and voted against lower cost generic drugs. kelly ayotte gets all that money from the big drug industry. hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. when you take all that money it just changes you. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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erin: now on "daybreak," a murder victim's sexual history will remain private. what the new ruling means for potential victims in the future. reporter: up next the latest on the deadly crash in hoboken. here where the investigation stands now coming up. chris: the upcoming weather makes for bitter medicine. we need the rain. how much do we get and how much of the weekend remains erin: frightening scheme. the latest plot to steal your identity. people here in new hampshire are being targeted. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good friday morning to you, new hampshire. thanks for ending your week with us. we appreciate that. i'm erin fehlau. we want to take a look at your forecast as we head into the weekend.


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